Case Study


Executive Summary

The Sherway Group was hired by one of the top sparkling water makers in the world.

Business Challenge

The sparkling water maker was an existing customer who approached The Sherway Group seeking expert advice on refilling C02 cylinders in Canada vs the USA.

At the time, the sparkling water maker was spending a ton of money on transportation to bring C02 cylinders from the USA to Canada.

With the environment in mind, the sparkling water maker team was also curious about how they could better reduce their carbon footprint as they expanded to Canada.

Sherway Solution

As a true partner to their clients, The Sherway Group met with the sparkling water company’s Production Plant team to build a better way forward.

The Sherway Group helped design a production facility so that the sparkling water maker could produce C02 canisters in Canada. The Sherway Group then proceed to execute the build-out of a new facility, leveraging the future growth plans via their Consulting/General Contracting services.

The Sherway Group also implemented their technology in the sparkling water space – helping the water maker to get up and running with ease in Canada while improving their reverse logistics processes.

Benefit & Results

With the help of Sherway Group, the sparkling water maker was successful in reducing its carbon footprint. Ultimately, the sparkling water company was also able to realize significant cost savings previously lost to shipping costs between the USA and Canada.

Future Prospects

The team at the sparkling water company believes that something as small as sparkling water at home can spark a huge change in the world. By 2025, the company pledges to save up to 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet.

With ambitions like that, The Sherway Group is proud to play a small part in a leading sparkling water company’s success.