Sherway Warehousing is an integral part of the Sherway Group, an asset-based, full-service, customized logistics and supply chain solutions provider that includes Sherway Logistics and Rock City Cartage.

The Sherway Way

Sherway Warehousing handles all commodities with an emphasis on food and beverage and consumer products.

We deliver warehousing and distribution solutions that allow clients to cost-effectively service their key markets without assuming any additional capital investments.

Warehousing Services

Sherway Group warehousing services include:

  • 1,500,000+ square feet
  • Dry and Cooler space (36-40°F/4°C)
  • AIB Superior Warehouse Rating
  • All UOM Picking and Handling
  • Food-grade storage
  • Product returns process and handling
  • Reverse Logistics
  • 24/7 Secured Facilities
  • RF and Wireless Real-Time Technology
  • Customized UCC Labels for your customer needs
  • Automated conveyor & sorting system for batch and label picking
  • Seamless supply chain integration with Rock City Cartage and Sherway Logistics