Case Study


Executive Summary

The Sherway Group was hired by Canada’s #1 selling ramen noodle company.

Business Challenge

As a long-term customer of The Sherway Group, the dry noodle company approached the team seeking inbound container management and transportation solution from China.

Their main concern lay in their seasonal spike, where inbound containers previously yielded detention costs. Their current provider wasn’t able to keep up.

Sherway Solution

Sherway identified a solution to manage freight allowing for level flow into the DC. The Sherway Group took over the management of the noodle company’s international transportation and leveraged its TMS system to reduce overtime costs. The TMS system gave the noodle company more visibility and improved tracking to better plan for labour upon the shipment’s arrival.

Benefit & Results

As a result of Sherway’s support, yielded detention costs have since been eliminated and OT costs were removed at the DC.

Future Prospects

The ramen noodle company is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and creating flavours that fulfill the wants of the local market, along with bringing unique regional flavours. With the support of The Sherway Group, this commitment was made possible.