Case Study


Executive Summary

The Sherway Group was hired by a leading single-serve coffee pod company.

Business Challenge

The coffee pod creators were an existing customer who engaged The Sherway Group in need of expert guidance concerning the transportation of their goods between Upper State New York, USA and Canada.

Sherway Solution

In collaboration with the coffee pod company team, The Sherway Group investigated weight tolerances in the current USA to Canada routes from the primary coffee pod production plants.

To streamline transportation, the Sherway team increased the coffee pod company’s capacity with a unique approach to sourcing heavy equipment. The Sherway Group found that if they repositioned some equipment so that they could carry 25% more product per load, they could substantially decrease the number of loads per year.

Benefit & Results

In the end, the coffee pod makers benefited from over $1 million in annual savings due to transportation efficiencies put forward by the Sherway team.

Future Prospects

The coffee pod producer has since expanded across Canada with great success in the market. Offering beverage coffee makers, accessories, and more, The Sherway Group is honoured to support the success of this innovative brand.