Case Study


Executive Summary

The Sherway Group was hired by a major player in the Ontario craft brewing industry.

Business Challenge

The craft brewery was experiencing substantial growth and needed immediate support in order to manage increases in demand while maintaining efficiency and quality.

Their needs included:

  • Find a new building space to accommodate their beer new lines
  • Design new layouts to maximize production and storage in their new space
  • Identify the geographic proximity for economic transportation
  • Identify quality issues and constraints
  • Improve levels at distribution
  • Effectively lower-case costs via productivity enhancements

Sherway Solution

As a true partner to our clients, The Sherway Group worked with the craft brewing company to better understand the intricacies of their business and their future goals so they could identify an efficient warehousing solution and implement the correct order systems.

The Sherway Group located the perfect warehousing location for the craft brewery and its product. Once located, The Sherway Group team collaborated with the craft brewery to set their new location up with optimized efficiencies. The Sherway Group also provided the transportation of finished goods into their Sherway warehouse – from their plant into our building

On the technology side, The Sherway Group implemented their Blue Yonder WMS system with full labour management – helping the client to pick their orders efficiently and deliver with precision. Further optimizations included SKU organization and standardization to streamline logistics and data flows.

Benefit & Results

The partnership between Sherway Group and the craft brewery proved hugely successful. The craft brewery is now focused on brewing great, quality products and have a concerted focus of being a brewer, not supply chain experts.

Future Prospects

The craft brewer is excited about its future, and The Sherway Group is too.

The craft brewer’s Taphouse and Patio have become a one-stop-shop for ice-cold craft beer, creative cocktails, delicious food, and great conversation. They are also proud to feature their Beer Store, where guests can shop a variety of beer brewed on-site.