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Sherway Warehousing is an integral part of the Sherway Group, an asset-based, full-service, customized logistics and supply chain solutions provider that includes Sherway Logistics and Rock City Cartage.

The Sherway Way 

Sherway Warehousing handles all commodities with an emphasis on food and beverage and consumer products. 

We deliver warehousing and distribution solutions that allow clients to cost-effectively service their key markets without assuming any additional capital investments.

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Warehouse Services Include:
  • 1,500,000+ square feet
  • Dry and Cooler space (36-40°F/4°C)
  • AIB Superior Warehouse Rating
  • All UOM Picking and Handling
  • Food-grade storage
  • Product returns process and handling
  • Reverse Logistics
  • 24/7 Secured Facilities
  • RF and Wireless Real-Time Technology
  • Customized UCC Labels for your customer needs
  • Automated conveyor & sorting system for batch and label picking
  • Seamless supply chain integration with Rock City Cartage and Sherway Logistics


Rock City Cartage is an integral part of the Sherway Group, an asset-based, full-service, customized logistics and supply chain solutions provider that includes Sherway Warehousing Inc. and Sherway Logistics.

Rock City Cartage provides asset-based transportation within Ontario for a multitude of international and domestic customers including freight forwarders, warehousing and 3PL companies. 

The Sherway Way 

With our focus on customized shipping solutions and unparalleled personal service, we simplify our customers’ transportation requirements – giving them smart and cost-efficient solutions.

Whether it’s Dedicated functions or Full-Truckload transportation, Rock City Cartage gets your order there with the utmost care.

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transportation Services Include:
  • 24/7 operations
  • Same day/next day/expedited service
  • Dedicated fleet management
  • Competitive pricing by the hour, day, week or shipment
  • Local P&D of air and ocean shipments, and FTL ground shipments
  • Large, modern fleet fully equipped with GPS systems
  • Shunting services
  • Professional and experienced drivers and dispatchers
  • Seamless integration with your organization for real-time tracking and visibility of your orders
  • Integrated service with Sherway Warehousing and Sherway Logistics


At Sherway Group, we understand that high-quality co-packing services are crucial to saving money, keeping up with the latest technology, putting out a great product, and maintaining a great brand reputation. 

The Sherway Way

Co-packing partnerships with Sherway allow you to focus on your specialty, a great product, and for us to focus on the packaging, branding, and logistics. 

As your partner, we handle packaging processes with just as much care and attention as if the product was our own.

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co-packing Services Include:
  • Special labelling
  • Repackaging
  • Club packs


At Sherway, we provide consulting services to better improve businesses. That includes helping companies come to a conclusion on the types of solutions they require. 

Whether clients are in need of transportation or warehousing, we understand that they need to optimize their operations. That’s where we come in. 

The Sherway Way

The goal of Sherway Group Consulting Services has always been to leverage expert knowledge and become a strategic partner for our clients. 

Whether our insight gathering begins on-site or over Zoom, we connect with our clients to deliver the best results.

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consulting Services Include:
  • Determine the scope of work required
  • Predict success in the short and long term
  • Logistics, warehousing, and transportation planning
  • Business growth expertise and advice
  • Value stream mapping

Who We Are

Case Study


Business Challenge

The craft brewery was experiencing substantial growth and needed immediate support in order to manage increases in demand while maintaining efficiency and quality.

Sherway Solution

As a true partner to our clients, The Sherway Group worked with the craft brewing company to better understand the intricacies of their business and their future goals so they could identify an efficient warehousing solution and implement the correct order systems.

Benefits & Results

The partnership between Sherway Group and the craft brewery proved hugely successful. The craft brewery is now focused on brewing great, quality products and have a concerted focus of being a brewer, not supply chain experts.

Why Sherway

Turn-Key Solution

Sherway Group has a tremendous amount of expertise as a 3PL and we understand your supply chain priorities. Our team is deeply invested in the success of our clients.

Leading Edge Technology

Our abilities to connect with various ERP, Full EDI in House Development, and tier 1 WMS (Blue Yonder) are unmatched. Innovation is in our company’s DNA.

One-Stop Solution

Stress no more. We are a one-stop solution for warehousing and transportation. Our dedicated staff is assigned as a single point of contact to take care of daily needs along with management support.