Are you looking to outsource your fleet?

With the complexity of today’s business climate, everyone is looking to find better ways to improve their bottom line. 

And with the transportation and delivery of your product to your clients making up a significant portion of your operating costs, we’re here to help. 

The Sherway Way

Whether you have a private fleet, outsource fleet, or are a high volume on-demand shipper looking to benefit from dedicated fleet service, we will customize a transportation management solution and provide a pricing model that is conducive to your business.

At Sherway Group we understand that costs such as insurance, equipment, labour, and maintenance are cumbersome and stressful.

Outsourcing your private fleet or transportation requirements can simplify your transportation needs and move your product faster and more efficiently to your clients.

Outsourcing to Sherway Group

Why our customers have outsourced to Sherway Group:

  • Eliminate costly liability insurance
  • Eliminate the need to lease or buy vehicles (fixed costs)
  • Remove stresses associated with payroll/vacation/backup driver coverage management goes away
  • Eliminate the stress of managing equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Removes the worry and the uncertainty of employee illness and equipment breakdowns
  • Remove the costly exposure of on-road accidents or issues


  • Removes the worry of managing logbooks and regulatory issues
  • Able to integrate our Transportation Management System (TMS) with your current system
  • Our Transportation Management System (TMS) allows your company to focus on its core competencies while reducing and eliminating administration and operational costs

Sherway Group tailors a transportation solution that is right for the needs of your company, but more importantly, your clients.

Our dedicated fleet customers benefit from our vehicle purchasing power allowing us to pass the savings through competitive pricing.

Dedicated Fleet Solutions

Why you should join the Sherway Group family of Dedicated Fleet Customers:

  • Frees up your finances and valuable lines of credit which would have been used to purchase or lease vehicles and other employee expenditures
  • We provide fleet and service efficiencies and optimization through state-of-the-art routing software, scanning capabilities, GPS technology, and logistics expertise that give you the ability to improve service to your clients, be more competitive in your market niche, and grow your business
  • Our drivers and equipment become an extension of your company, dedicated only to your needs
  • Our dedicated fleet customers benefit from our ability to brand vehicles and crest our drivers so that their corporate image is conveyed and maintained
  • Our team of Cube, Straight Truck and Tractor drivers are courteous, professional, and have been long-standing members of the Sherway Group family
  • Our Warehousing and various TL and LTL transportation services can be utilized by our dedicated fleet customers when required, with only a moments notice.
  • We provide cost relief related to managing and maintaining a private delivery fleet
  • We provide the ability to adjust your fleet size when fluctuations in your business occur, ensuring consistent and reliable service to your clients.